May 22, 2011

Back Home & Two New Sculpts!

Home from my trip back to Illinois to see my Dad and my sister. It was a wonderful trip - but I am happy and relieved to be home!

My sister Margo has only seen my sculpts from pictures. She does a lot for Dad and I wanted to give her one of my sculpts. Here are pics of the sculpts I made for her - a BeeHive House and the LavenderGarden bead.



  1. I love that Beehive House!!! Your sister is lucky to have received such wonderful and unique pieces! :)

  2. ... And so glad you had a good time with your family on your trip!

  3. Hi Trina - THX for continuing to come over and read my blog. THX especially for leaving comments.

    I have received LOTS of great compliments on the BeeHive House. I am hoping to have the time now to make some new sculpts and then get them onto my ArtFire account and see if anything sells!