Mar 25, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!

I hope you are having as gorgeous a Sunday as we are here in San Antonio! The temps are perfect, there is lots of sunshine and no wind! I wish I could be out there enjoying the day BUT we are also in allergy season and I must limit my exposure. However, my catz are all out there soaking up the sunshine!

My foster family has changed. I took the the 8-week old kittens to the shelter and they made their required weight for their spay/neutering. Then they will be off to find their furever homes. They are all four adorable and well behaved so they won't have to wait very long! Momma Cat is still here as she is still nursing the 3-week old orphan she adopted PLUS we also brought back three 4-day old kittens who needed extra care. Since Momma Cat is nursing the 3-week old we hoped she would adopt these three, and I can happily report that she is doing a wonderful mothering job helping them too. She should get Mother-of-the Year award!

If you haven't read my FB page, I have an article that I think is worth repeating here from build a little biz:
"perhaps it is time to redefine the word 'little' by karen gunton

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Mar 20, 2012

Oh My, How Time Flies!

Greetings to my friends and my apologies for the lengthy absence. Once again, happy life challenges have distracted me for way too long. I did get to do some sculpting around Christmas time but there really hasn't been much time to spare.

My delightfully wonderful brother, Ken has wanted to move to Texas for the last five years. After sad developments in his long term relationship, which had been the reason he had stayed in Minneapolis for the past five years, he was free to do what he wanted to do. Which means (drum roll plz) that he took me up on my offer to move to Texas and stay with me while he reprocessed and got his heart & soul back. He arrived in November...spent the holidays with me and my catz, then moved to Dallas the first part of this year. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

I also decided to help my catz socialize better by fostering catz/kittens that needed a safe temporary home. So far, my catz have not been happy with this arrangement and they are no better socialized...BUT so far its only been one foster cat family and I know it will take a whole lot more time to get them to be accepting and better socialized. They are all spoiled rotten and they need to learn to share their wealth!

So, back to are a couple of examples of what I did back in December. Hope you like them.

I also created some earrings...but they have a Christmas theme so I won't post them here...maybe next Christmas I will share them! Gonna run...hope to come back & catch up a lot sooner than later!

Aug 30, 2011

FREE Give Away...

I am sharing this Official Give Away Announcement from Sapphire Fantasy Arts-OOAK art dolls and figurative sculpture which has been extended to Sept. 30. Help her promote her Facebook pageand win FREE tutorials as gifts. There will be 5 winners! Find out how you can enter go her Facebook page and read about it in her Notes:

Good Luck and I hope I am one of the winners!

Aug 22, 2011

Happy Clay Time!

Happily, I decided it was time to ignore all of the other demands and MAKE some clay time for other words, I stopped the crazy merry-go-round and jumped off for the weekend and then found myself reluctant to get back on the merry-go-round!

I have a hummingbird almost finished with just some minor detailing to finish. I have a watermelon house about 2/3 of the way done, but the most time intensive process is finished and the fun stuff remains! I will post pictures once the pieces are complete. Next post - new pics!

I want to give my friend Trina a shout out for her little absolutely adorable purple fairy. She came over to visit to ask me about building her a house because winter is going to come and she wants a pretty place to stay warm.

Wishing you a wonderful week and hope you find some clay time too!

My ArtFire Studio
My Etsy Studio

Aug 11, 2011

Let's start of the day with some humor!

Hoping to get some sculpting done this weekend...have been chasing some ideas around and ready to start some action! PLZ stay posted for new pics coming soon!


Aug 1, 2011

Make a Cooling Summer Necklace

Since the majority of us are suffering extreme heat AND its August, I thought I would share this totally COOOOOOOOOOL idea!

Make a Cooling Summer Necklace

Now then, stay cool ya'll!

Jul 23, 2011

OMG...I posted my Faere Houses on ArtFire today!

Hello Friends!

I am seriously reluctant to put my sculpts up on ArtFire...I have too many attachments to my sculpts and besides rejection to an artist is like driving a stake into their heart. Its difficult to put my sculpts out there for everyone to see, let alone maybe having someone purchase one!

My favorite things to sculpt are faere houses. I have sculpted faeries but they usually mock me and refuse to become the sculpt that I see inside my head. I know that I think too much when I sculpt and realize most of my successful sculpts evolve when I have turned off the thinking process. I created my elf because my son suggested I should make a male sculpt. The elf blossomed beautifully and was destined to live on my fantasy tree. I took him with me when I visited family in May. My dear sister nabbed him and wanted to buy him so he became my second sale!

Like all artists, I have a need (yes, need!) for feedback on my sculpting and its sooooooooo delightful when I receive positive feedback. And when someone actually wants one of my sculpts...unbelievable! I am always giving my sculpts away to family and friends. I have decided that I need to stop giving them away and start offering them up for sale to see if anyone wants wants to buy it! If you would like to go and check out the postings, here is my ArtFire weblink:

Sooooooooooooo wish me luck! THX!

psssst...once I posted my faere houses on Artfire, I took a deep breath and also posted them in my Etsy studio!