Jun 5, 2011

Wow...time has flown away!

Greetings Friends!

My plans after returning home from my vacation was to really focus on getting more creations finished, photographed and posted on my ArtFire account. Wellllllllllll, that will teach me about making plans! I  encountered numerous distractions that have kept me extremely busy ever since and none of it was sculpting.

A lot was volunteer work which has been extremely time consuming. While its has been rewarding to be helping people who desperately needed it...once again, none of it had anything to do with sculpting! That project has been slowly winding down and is becoming less demanding. There will still be requirements for continuing to help, just not on a continuous daily basis.

Sometimes it feels like my sculpting and the rest of my life are in a constant conflict - sort of like when you take two strong magnets and place them so that the magnetic pull is pushing the other magnet away. I hope that makes sense to my friends  - but most importantly, it makes sense to me!

The heat of the summer arrived early so there should hopefully be more indoor time. Gardening is at a minimum and mostly requires watering and yanking weeds out by their little heads. I have a wild flower garden this year and have been vigilant with deadheading. I hate wasting the promises of seeds but wild flowers will take over the entire yard and garden quickly. Happily, a friend of mine who is a landscaper asked if he could have the seedheads and then will replant the seeds in his commercial customers landscapes. YAYYYY!!!

Well, I had better get off of here and finish up my Sunday. Nice talking with you and I promise to be back sooner this time! Until we meet again!

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