Jun 12, 2011

Sculpting Constraints!

Okay, I bet you have the same problem...not getting time to sculpt! For me, sculpting is a pretty big time commitment because I tend to get lost in my sculpting and even my dear sweet catz cease to exist! My catz are all very understanding when I sit down at my sculpting table and they have learned to that it is in their own best interests to leave me alone when I am sculpting.

BUT the biggest problem is that there seems to be way too many other things that continuously get in the way and need to be taken care of before I allow myself to get lost in a sculpting project. I do have the discipline to make myself do those other irritating demands so that when I do get to sculpt I don't have those things nagging at me and being a distraction to the creativity. I know you have those irritating things too...cleaning the house - especially if you happen to have family & pets to help mess things up! Cooking so you have something to eat then of course having to clean the kitchen...then there is gardening and cat litter boxes and feeding the catz! I could go on and on and on...but you know what I am talking about.

So, then speaking of those demands...off I go to take care of some of them! Hope you find time to carve out sculpting time!

sandy aka BeeJOOled FaERe WuRK

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