Jul 23, 2011

OMG...I posted my Faere Houses on ArtFire today!

Hello Friends!

I am seriously reluctant to put my sculpts up on ArtFire...I have too many attachments to my sculpts and besides rejection to an artist is like driving a stake into their heart. Its difficult to put my sculpts out there for everyone to see, let alone maybe having someone purchase one!

My favorite things to sculpt are faere houses. I have sculpted faeries but they usually mock me and refuse to become the sculpt that I see inside my head. I know that I think too much when I sculpt and realize most of my successful sculpts evolve when I have turned off the thinking process. I created my elf because my son suggested I should make a male sculpt. The elf blossomed beautifully and was destined to live on my fantasy tree. I took him with me when I visited family in May. My dear sister nabbed him and wanted to buy him so he became my second sale!

Like all artists, I have a need (yes, need!) for feedback on my sculpting and its sooooooooo delightful when I receive positive feedback. And when someone actually wants one of my sculpts...unbelievable! I am always giving my sculpts away to family and friends. I have decided that I need to stop giving them away and start offering them up for sale to see if anyone wants wants to buy it! If you would like to go and check out the postings, here is my ArtFire weblink: http://www.artfire.com/users/BeeJooledFaereWurkz

Sooooooooooooo wish me luck! THX!

psssst...once I posted my faere houses on Artfire, I took a deep breath and also posted them in my Etsy studio!


  1. I just visited your Artfire studio and love your fairy houses. Wishing you loads of luck with your Shop!

  2. Your Fairy Houses are so fun and colorful!! I wish you many sales and much luck with your ArtFire Shop! :)