Jul 4, 2011

Happy July 4!

Hello Friends - I was quite shocked to discover how long it has been since I posted! WOW and I sure wish I had been having lots of fun and sculpting! But sadly that was not part of my absence! My volunteer project and work have stolen all of my time and sucked my brain dry!

For the holiday weekend I took a day of vacation and with 4 days off I hoped to sculpt. BUT when I sat down at my sculpting table I found the creativity missing.
I have a fae that needs hands, hair and clothes. I started on her hands and she refused to like any hand I created. Frustration set in about 2:00 am and I finally gave up and put everything away...deciding it would have to be another day.

The weekend temps haven't been too much of a killer. Morning have been wonderful and once the sun is down it cools off nicely so I have been puttering around in my backyard. In the evening I light punk sticks to confuse the mosquitoes so they don't bite. Today flies were pestering me but I was sooooooooo focused on a project that I was barely aware of their persistence.

No fireworks...burn ban in effect and no fireworks are even allowed to be sold in about half of the counties in the state this year. YAYYYYYYYYYY! I totally dislike the loud noisy kind that everyone buys and shoot off over and over and over again. SOOOOOOO, I and my catz are absolutely delighted to have an extremely QUIET July 4 celebration!

Hope your holiday is safe and full of happy festivities with family & friends!

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