Mar 25, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!

I hope you are having as gorgeous a Sunday as we are here in San Antonio! The temps are perfect, there is lots of sunshine and no wind! I wish I could be out there enjoying the day BUT we are also in allergy season and I must limit my exposure. However, my catz are all out there soaking up the sunshine!

My foster family has changed. I took the the 8-week old kittens to the shelter and they made their required weight for their spay/neutering. Then they will be off to find their furever homes. They are all four adorable and well behaved so they won't have to wait very long! Momma Cat is still here as she is still nursing the 3-week old orphan she adopted PLUS we also brought back three 4-day old kittens who needed extra care. Since Momma Cat is nursing the 3-week old we hoped she would adopt these three, and I can happily report that she is doing a wonderful mothering job helping them too. She should get Mother-of-the Year award!

If you haven't read my FB page, I have an article that I think is worth repeating here from build a little biz:
"perhaps it is time to redefine the word 'little' by karen gunton

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

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